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Hedgerow honey ltd bee hive
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Hedgerow honey ltd beekeeping
Hedgerow honey ltd honey and beeswax lip balm
Hedgerow Honey Ltd bee
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Hedgerow honey ltd honey
Hedgerow honey ltd honey
Hedgerow honey ltd bee hive
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Local honey from Shropshire and North Wales from Hedgerow Honey

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Local honey from local habitats

We are a family-run bee farming company with most of our hives in North Shropshire and a few over the Welsh border in Wales. Our aim is to produce excellent quality varieties of honey, so they are unique for you, from our family to yours. Family is a hugely important part of our philosophy, with all members of our family helping with both the production and beekeeping aspects of the business to bring our delicious honey to you. We also take some of our bees around the UK to fulfil pollination contracts and produce delicious varieties of honey.

We are always on hand to answer any queries and any questions about our products, the apiary they've come from, the bees and how they have produced it. Please get in touch if you want to chat about our products or would like an appointment to come and see us.

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Four generations of care

Four generations of beekeepers and bees have helped to make Hedgerow Honey the business we are today, caring about the environment, the bees, and providing delicious honey for our customers. John has been beekeeping for over 40 years and Wendy is now on the Rowse BFA Beefarming apprenticeship, and we have experience and a passion for bees and beekeeping that we pass on to the business, our customers and our family. 

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More than just honey

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and their pollination is a crucial aspect of the planet and the environment. Together, as a business and a family we are working with our bees producing a honey product using sustainable methods, and agriculture. We aim to produce high-quality honey from local flora and fauna with minimal environmental impact, and to a raise an awareness of the importance of the honeybees. We want to protect bees for years to come so we can continue to make delicious honey and they can continue do their work for the planet.

We also use environmentally-friendly packaging forms many of our products as we can, so you can shop knowing that we are looking after the environment. 

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About us and our honey

We take pride in the work that we do, and you can have peace of mind knowing that our local honey is of a high quality and made with care, love and attention in North Shropshire and a small amount from North Wales. All our honey is cold extracted and coarsely filtered to retain goodness and is never blended or pasteurised - just as the bees intended it to be.

We are members of the Bee Farmer's Association, Slow Food, Food and Drink Wales and The Honey Cluster, so we are proud to keep our business up to the high standards of these organisations. 

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Meet the Hedgerow Honey hive!

Just like any busy, well-organised hive, we rely on each one of us for the hard work and cooperation of Hedgerow Honey. What keeps us buzzing is family and a passion for bees and beekeeping.

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Bee Farmer John

John has been keeping honeybees since he was a small boy, and they definitely add the buzz to his life. He began his beekeeping career with his grandfather who had kept bees since 1931 and has continued up until the current day. Bee farmer John loves to share his knowledge of bees and honey and is passing it on to the next generation of his family.  He has featured on BBC’s Countryfile with his daughter and their bees.  On a rainy day, he can be found in his workshop making hives and frames for the continued expansion of the Hedgerow Honey.

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See what the buzz is about

If you're tempted by the sound of our natural, sustainable honey, you can visit our store to buy our bee-related products.

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