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It’s all gone a bit crazy busy!

It’s been a while since w have written a blog post, but on a snowy Sunday morning when we can’t get out the driveway to get to the workshop we thought that we would put a few worlds into our blog.

Last weekend we managed to amaze ourselves and get to the Good Food Show WInter 2023 with only 19 days to prepare! Lots of excitement from JOhn when he realised his favourite ever chef was going to be there! He was barely containinable when he discovered that Michael Roux Jr was going to be there, but his excitement soon tiurned to disappointment when the show schedule showed Michael Roux was there on the Frida, the day JOhn wasn’t attending the show due to another local event. But as if by a stroke of luck, Michael Roux walked past the stall on the Friday morning as Wendy was setting up and she cheekily asked for a selfie with him! He was so lovely to talk to and Wendy got her photo (much to Johns DIsmay!)

Wendy also met one of her idols in the cooking world, she was cheeky enough to get Hairy Biker, Si King have a photo with her.

We also ran into an old friend, Andy Clarke, the cocktail expert from ITV’s This Morning. and had a drink with him as well as a few selfies (naturally). It was such an amazing weekend despite being manically busy,

But, back at the workshop in Shropshire, the bees are all fed and snuggled up for the winter, and we are busy jarring our honey ready for the remaining events of the year and to fill up the shelves of our fabulous stockists. We are also replenishing our supply of candles ready for our online and event sales.

Our next visit to the bees will be to treat the for Varroa using our amazing Intstavap machine. We treat the bees for Varroa to keep the hives healthy.

Keep an eye out for us at the next few events and pop along to say hi.

Don’t forget your honey for your roasted Christmas vegetables! Our borage honey is fantastic for the, a delectable sweetness but no loss of the fresh vegetable flavour!


John, Wendy and the bees

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