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The sun is shining and its all go for us!

A week or two ago, we were worried that we couldn't access our hives due to rain sodden ground and pouring rain. Yet this week, the weather has been on our side.

Wendy visited the nucs at our castle apiary in the week and they are surrounded by fields of yellow oil seed rape which is fabulous for our bees to work but not so fab for Wendys hay fever! By the time she got back her eyes were streaming and she couldn't stop sneezing! But back to the bees, they are going great in the apiary and Wendy moved all our nucs into full size hives and left them with supers on. They won't be long before more supers will be needed at that apiary.

Meanwhile, John has been busy with a couple of mentoring sessions and getting round some of our other apiaries putting supers onto the hives. The bees are working really well with the sea of yellow that is surrounding us at the moment. Wendy may not like it but our bees definitely do!

We have also been out and about at different markets. We have been at our regular Whitchurch Farmers market on the first Saturday of the month and also at the Made In Shropshire market on The square in Shrewsbury on the second Saturday of the month. We are also at Wem Farmers market on the second Saturday morning of the month.

Wendy has done a couple of different markets, one at Dudmaston Hall near Bridgnorth and

one in Much Wenlock. Both of these have been with our Made In Shropshire colleagues and have been really good fun to do, the weathers been sunny as well which also helps.

Wendy has been busy painting all our hives and nuc boxes ready for the coming season,

but we are wondering if any paint got onto the boxes or of she painted herself!!!

She has assured me that some of the paint did go onto the boxes and they are looking really good now! Just the new numbering system she's developed to get my head round and understand now!! Having had major shoulder surgery she has had far too much time on her hands recovering and there are new spreadsheets and data records all over the place now!

Next time I will talk about one of our silliest errors so far with our bee farming enterprise.......but that's for another day!

Happy bee keeping!

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