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World Bee Day - Working with local businesses and leaving jobs.

This week saw a big change in the way Hedgerow Honey is run. Wendy worked her final shift at the local hospital and will now spend a larger proportion of her time working bees and honey........and trying to get John to tidy the workshop.

Last Friday (22nd May) was World Bee Day 2022. Lots of buzz about bees was all over the media and the talk amongst all on the bee forums.

As local bee farmers, we have been working with international company ABP Foods to place hives at our local ABP site. Wendy worked with Jake and David to coordinate the installation of hives into an area that they have created especially for the bees. We had lots of fun installing the bees in the sunshine and even got the first taste of this seasons honey which did provide a lot of interest when ABP staff knew they could get a taste!

Wendy painted the hives, designed the signage and then gave both Jake and David a crash course in hive inspections when the bees were installed into their new hives.

Another part of our World Bee Day celebrations, saw Wendy giving packets of native wildflower seeds with every jar of honey sold at our Made In Shropshire market. We also donated some to other producers and some to our local WI group.

We have also been busy with the continuing renovation of our honey processing room. It now has walls, a door, a ceiling and sockets on the wall - they still need attaching to the mains power though!!!

The renovations got put on hold temporarily so that we could begin our spring extraction this weekend. We started off with an apiary local to us, which proved to yield well considering the weather and conditions we have had in the last month.

Colony inspections and making up new colonies ready for our next set of crops for the bees to go to.

One of the super boxes that we have taken off to harvest contained our frames that we make cut comb sections from, so I have spent this afternoon cutting honeycomb and updating our website.

We have a lot of markets, fairs and events on in the next few weeks so we look forward to seeing you all around and saying hello when we are out and about. Keep an eye on our social media and website to see where we will be.

Happy bee keeping from John and Wendy at Hedgerow Honey.

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